Three Things to Buy When Getting a New Dog

You’re bringing home a new (to you) dog. Whether it’s a puppy or has a few years under its belt, you’ll need some things to properly care for your new pal. Of course you’ll need something for your pup to eat, a few toys, and a place for it to sleep. Here are a few other things to consider.

Leather Collar

All dogs need a collar. Their collar will hold their identification, registration, and vaccination tags. It’s also where many people attach the leash when walking their dog. Consider leather dog collars as an option that is beautiful, customizable, and long lasting. Caring for your dog’s leather collar is pretty straightforward. Ideally, you would replace the leather collar with something waterproof when your dog goes swimming, but if not, be sure to let the collar dry out in an airy location afterward. You can wipe down your dog’s leather collar with a damp rag if it gets dirty. For more stubborn dirt, a little saddle soap can help.

Training Clicker

Most people know that training dogs with lots of treats and praise is a great method, but not everyone is familiar with clicker training. A clicker is a small button that you press when your dog does what you’ve told it to. It makes a clicking sound that marks the exact thing your dog did that was correct. When you follow that click with a treat, the dog can better connect that reward to the specific behavior that you are looking for. Clicker training takes a little practice on the part of the human, but it’s a great way to quickly let your dog know what you want it to do.

Car Seatbelt

It’s common to see dogs riding around in cars, often unrestrained. It doesn’t occur to many people that their dog should be in a seatbelt just like any other occupant of the car. This is safer for the dog and all humans in the car in case of an accident, or even just sudden car movements. Dog seatbelts work with the car seatbelt or the car seat latch in the back seat to keep your dog in place. Most still allow your dog some freedom of movement and the ability to enjoy the open car window.

A little preparation can make bringing home your new canine friend smoother and a more enjoyable transition for everyone involved. Proper equipment will help you take the best care of the dog that you’re welcoming into your home with lots of love.


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