4 Tips for Having Great Hair in Your Later Years

Hair is one of those things that changes quite a bit as one grows older. This can sometimes be disconcerting, for men and women. Hair often contributes significantly to a person’s overall appearance and the way one styles it says something about his or her personality. Although your hair may be different than it was years ago, there are some simple things you can do to be confident about your hairstyle.

1. Make It Manageable

Having long hair has its benefits, but it can also be quite cumbersome. Brushing out tangles and styling long hair is oftentimes time-consuming and frustrating. You may wish to consider adopting a shorter style. This will make your haircare routine more manageable. Another benefit of having shorter locks is that it can make your hair feel fuller even if it is thinner than it used to be. If you are used to having long hair and dread losing it, consider trying out a shoulder-length style or going just a bit shorter than you are used to.

2. Consider the Color

Gray and white hairs may become more and more noticeable with each year. Thankfully, there are many options for men and women that you can consider for restoring your hair to its natural color. You could even try out a new shade if you wish. Studios that specialize in hair color Westchester County NY can help you cover up unwanted gray patches and find a color that matches your skin tone perfectly.

3. Avoid Damage

There are many ways that hair can become damaged. For one, using excessive heat to style hair can be harmful. Try using alternatives to heat or simply using a lower heat setting and a protective conditioner. If you enjoy having curly or wavy hair, consider braiding your hair or wearing hair rollers over night. This can achieve a similar effect as a curling iron without the heat. Additionally, it is best to avoid habits that place frequent stress on your hair. For instance, some people may run their hands through their hair frequently or even pull at hair absent-mindedly.

4. Try out Simple Styles

You may also wish to consider easier styles to do each morning. These may include a simple braid, hair pulled back with a barrette or just a natural look.

Just because hair changes with age doesn’t mean you can’t love your hair style as you get older. Consider making a few changes to your routine that will keep you looking great for years to come.


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