The two key factors you should keep in mind while dressing up for Church

The church is a holy place for Christians, and they take it as a sacred and respectful place where everyone is presented in front of God in a holy spirit. There is a ritual that whenever you present in front of God always wear decent clothes because it seems more respectful. In the early ’80s, people were more closed to God than today’s generation.

Most of the people in that era go to the church in their middle age and from a study, it was noticed that in that time more than 40 percent people go to church on regular basis. Further said in that study was that 80 percent of a male in that era wore Church suits and tie to the church, And along with that 60 percent of women wore women church suits. But with the passage of time in the 90’s the percentage of church attendance decreases and also the people sincerity with the dress code of church. In the ’90s 50 percent of men wore Church suits and tie to church and only 40 percent of female wore dresses. Many of us say that when in front of God dress doesn’t count just the pray and feelings but that is not true you have to be respectful to the God and rituals.

The dress code of church shows the wider cultural changes that are happening in our modern society and people are showing more skin than before which is not appropriate for the church. This creates a great Chaos between the young and the old generation. The new generation thinks that they can pray in church while wearing shorts and skirts but the elderly people find it disrespectful and according to them is to show up in the church in a fully covered dress.

There are some fundamental factors that you should keep in mind while dressing up for the church.

Be respectful

The debate of cultural and age difference between the young ones and the elders is a never-ending one, but whenever we are going to church always remember to be more respectful and being in shorts and skirts doesn’t seem respectful. If girls think that wearing fully covered clothes will make them look un-appealing than there are many outlets where you can find designer church suits for women. They covered both sides of the story that they cover whole your body and also look more stylish. So your fear of looking ugly with the whole dressed is no longer a problem for you because there are many companies who are just church suits for women.

Be more Authentic

Many of us feel fine about wearing the casual dresses to the church but if you think it in such a manner that you have a very important meeting with God then you will be able to consider the importance of going to church and dress properly according to it. So from now on whenever you are going to church put up your best suit because it is more authentic than casual clothes you wear every day.