Are your jeans a cut above the rest

Jeans are one item of clothing that every man should own. They are versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion when the right pair is chosen, so what type of jeans should you be wearing? Let’s take a look at how you can choose the perfect pair.

Style, rise and size

Although they are more commonly worn as part of a casual outfit, jeans are becoming increasingly acceptable in a more formal setting. In part, this is due to the wide range of styles out there that can compliment an outfit and make it look just as good as if you were wearing a suit; however, this can depend on whether you have chosen the right fit, rise and size for your body.

There are five main styles of jeans, ranging from the skinny to the loose fit. The skinny has become much more popular in recent years, although slim fit is also widely worn. A regular fit consists of a straight leg, whilst relaxed jeans allow the material to stay away from the skin. The loose style is the baggiest fit and provides plenty of room all over.

The rise measurement relates to the distance between the waistband and the crotch. It can range from high rise, which is a style suited to larger men, to low rise, which provides a much more casual fit. Although there are plenty of mens designer shirts available from stockists such as, it is best to avoid tucking them in with the higher rise jeans; instead, opt for a mid-rise should you prefer to tuck.

Body shape

The shape of your body also plays a big part in choosing the right style. Slim builds should opt for the skinny or regular style, whilst those who are more athletic can add relaxed jeans to their collection. Muscular men should go for regular and relaxed, whilst those with wide hips may want to try loose styles. Men with a larger waist will suit the more relaxed or looser styles better than the slimmer fits.

When choosing your next pair of jeans, try to match them with your shape. This may be the reason Donald Trump refuses to wear jeans.

With the right advice, however, anyone can find their perfect jeans.