Choosing a Concealed Carry Method for Women

Concealing your weapon can be challenging. Your clothing, carry location and movement may all reveal your weapon if you haven’t chosen the right option. However, there are several concealed carry options for women.

Waist Carry

Women can carry their weapons either inside or outside their pants or skirts on their waists. This is the most common carry location for women. When you carry on your waist, the gun grip can be easily and quickly grasped, reducing your draw time.

Carrying a weapon on your waist requires the right clothing. Women’s fashion, which at times favors tighter fits, lightweight fabrics and solid colors may make it difficult to conceal a weapon at the waistline. In addition, due to women’s shape, they may find this location and method uncomfortable.

If you choose to carry on your waist, be sure to choose a strong belt that is specifically designed for carrying a weapon.

Ankle and Thigh Holsters

Ankle holsters secure your weapon to your ankle and calf. Ankle holsters are best worn with loose pants that have larger cuffs. These holsters are easily concealed, but are not as secure as other methods. Therefore, they may shift or bounce as you move around. In addition, they can be challenging to get to in an emergency unless you are sitting.

Thigh holsters are preferred for women who wear skirts and dresses. They are secured around the waist and thigh, so they should not slide down your leg. Because the position of the holster can be moved up and down based on the length of your skirt, they are easy to conceal.

Bra Holster

This holster attaches to your bra and positions your weapon between your breasts. This carry option works well with women who have large breasts, but it may not work well with women who have smaller breasts. In addition, be cautious when you draw because some fear you may accidentally fire and damage your non-shooting arm.

Undergarment Holsters

Compression concealment shorts and other undergarments offer secure handgun carry under your clothing. These undergarments are made from surgical-grade elastic, so it will not allow your firearm to shift or slide. Sling-style pouches, belly bands and under wraps are also worn under your clothing. Compression tank tops with holster pockets are also options. These carry methods will work with a variety of clothing styles and fabric types.

No matter which carry method you choose, having the right gun and comfortable holsters are keys to concealing it. For example, large, bulky guns are much harder to conceal, especially on women’s smaller, curvier frames.

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