Hair Care Myths Busted By an Expert!

Ever thought you’d done detailed research only for the next article to negate what the previous one was talking about? This makes it harder for one to know what the actual truth is, and they may be left confused. The fake news going around about how one can grow healthy, long hair are on the increase. Don’t fall for them! We’ve gone into greater lengths to find out these myths, and today we are bursting 9 of the most common ones before you consider hair extensions. Read on, you’ll be surprised!

Myth#1: Cutting your hair increases its growth rate

Busted: There is no science backing up this claim. The growth of your hair is determined by your follicles located on the dermis, and there’s no way the ends of your hair affect the follicles. Trimming your ends to get rid of split ends leaves your hair healthy, with a higher length retention capability. Breakage thins out your hair, making it seem as though it is not growing. This is why it is recommended to have a trim every 3-4 months.

Myth#2: Cold rinses leave your hair looking shinier

Busted: Well, you can confidently stop torturing your head with cold water from today henceforth! Many mistaken the stimulatory effect of cold water for more cleansed hair. The temperature of your water does not have anything to do with the appearance of your hair. However, regular conditioning can actually impact on your hair’s luster and strength.

Myth#3: It is possible to repair split ends

Busted: It is impossible to repair a split end. Once it occurs and is left unattended to, your hair tangles up, becomes dull and dry. Split ends cannot be sealed because it is caused by the wearing out of the outer protective layer – the cuticle. Once this layer has been damaged, the only way around it is to snip off these ends before the damage spreads to other areas. To maintain the health of your hair once trimmed, apply serums and masks. Otherwise, there’s no miracle for split ends.

Myth#4: You’d rather regularly dry shampoo your hair than wash it with regular shampoo

Busted: Dry shampoo does not do the actual cleaning. This explains why many are misled. The scalp needs regular hydration and a shampoo wash. There’s also need to rinse it. Dry shampoo can be used occasionally, but nothing can replace water and shampoo.

Myth#5: Fine hair need not be conditioned

Busted: Both your hair and scalp need conditioning! Proper conditioning procedures leave the scalp nourished, making it possible for a healthy mane to spring out. It is important to look out for shampoo and conditioner products that are suited for your specific hair type and scalp.

Myth#6: Letting your hair down when sleeping increases its growth rate

Busted: There’s no way one can speed up their hair growth rate. However, you can maximize on length retention by preventing further damage and breakage due to tension. If you wish to have it intact, opt for a plait or a loose ponytail to reduce damage. This can be done during the night and day.

Myth#7: Oils make your hair greasy

Busted: Thus can only be true if the application is done on the scalp and not the strands. Hair oils are meant to leave your tresses looking hydrated and shiny. Greasy hair can be avoided by thoroughly shampooing during wash days, then going in with the conditioner and oils on the ends of your strands.

Myth#8: Plucking grey hairs results in the growth of two to replace one

Busted: If you wish to pluck out grey hairs, go ahead and do it! Once the grey hair is plucked out, the follicle beneath the skin is responsible for producing the next strand. It is this follicle that’s responsible for the grey color. If you are among the lucky few, the replacement might be darker because hair pigment is usually inconsistent from one strand to another.

Myth#9: Frequent brushing improves the health of your hair

Busted: Brushing your hair a thousand times a day will do more harm than good. Your hair’s outer protective strand might actually get damaged in the process due to friction. As a result, you might start experiencing excessive breakage because the exposed strands are weak. Use an ionic brush to work your way up starting from the bottom. Be super gentle while at it, because this is a great way to stimulate your follicles. Stick to your brush routine.

Myth#10: Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp

Busted: The complete opposite is actually true. Excess oils on your scalp cause the clumping of skin cells, creating the flakes. Rather than opting to further oil your scalp, you might want to clarify and cleanse it using an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Myth#11: Your hair gets to “love” certain products

Busted: You could stick to one shampoo brand forever and still notice the same effects because hair doesn’t get to love a certain brand. We usually notice a difference when we switch hair products simply because a given shampoo is formulated for a given situation whereas the previous one was not. We are then left thinking it’s high time we made a switch.

Myth#12: You are safer air drying your hair than blow drying it

Busted: Sorry dears, this isn’t true. Wet hair tends to swell and if left in that state for 2+ hours, the protein bonds begin to weaken. This leaves it susceptible to damage and could result in split ends. It is advisable to allow your hair to air dry till it is 60% dry then going under a hairdryer to get rid of the extra moisture.

About the Author

Candice Hall is the Marketing Manager of Dynasty Goddess Hair, with a factory in Thailand & Office and Shipping Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, they are one of the top retailers in Virgin Remy Hair Extensions in the USA.