Planning a Visit to Black Hills and Badlands in South Dakota

As you plan your next vacation, consider a trip to the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota. This area is full of activities to suit any vacation interests. Here are some highlights of the region that visitors won’t want to miss.

Gold Mining History

Gold has been mined in the Black Hills of South Dakota since the late 1800s. Gold from this area is often used to make a particular style of jewelry called Black Hills gold jewelry. This jewelry is typically made with three different colors of gold — yellow, rose, and green — and features designs of grape leaves and flowers. Black Hills gold gemstone bracelets make perfect souvenirs of your visit to the region, and also make excellent gifts for family and friends back home.

National Monuments

This region of South Dakota is filled with interesting monuments, state parks, national parks, and historic sites. Of course, most people are familiar with Mount Rushmore National Memorial, but it’s not the only wonder in the area. When you’re planning your trip, consider including Wind Cave National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, Custer State Park, or any of the other beautiful natural and man-made attractions South Dakota has to offer.

Outdoor Recreation

South Dakota offers many types of outdoor recreation to suit all types of interests. Quite a few natural caves exist in the area. These can be toured by visitors. Some even house underground waterfalls and other interesting geologic features. The Black Hills and Badlands also offer myriad opportunities for hiking, canoeing, and wildlife viewing. If you plan a visit during the winter, skiing, ice climbing, and snowmobiling are all popular activities.

Arts and Culture

South Dakota is also home to plenty of arts and culture. Museums in the area cover interests such as geology, air & space, and Native American history and culture. An ongoing project to sculpt a memorial of Lakota leader Crazy Horse into a mountain will become the world’s largest mountain carving. Rapid City is home to many art galleries and offers many opportunities for locals and visitors to enjoy the performing arts. Opportunities for fine dining and regional specialties, such as buffalo and elk, abound as well.

You might think of a visit to Mount Rushmore as the best reason to visit the Black Hills and Badlands region of South Dakota, but it is actually just one of many local draws. No matter your interests, you’re certain to find plenty to do on a trip to this area.


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