Getting From A to B With Your Bub

Whether you’re a first-time mom, or you already have young ones around, it’s always enjoyable to move around with your little one. Of course, you’ll not want to carry them on your back all the time, and, therefore, something like a pram would be ideal.

The good thing is that there’s always something to carry your little one around any time of the day. All you need is to drop by a bubs store and get a suitable carriage for the little one. Better still, you could order prams in Australia and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Is it a Stroller Or a Pram?

If you’re a new mom in town, it’s a bit challenging to get the difference between a pram and a stroller. Well, these two terms are normally used interchangeably, but the two are quite different.

So, what’s the difference between a pram and a stroller?

While both a pram and a stroller are baby carriages used by parents everywhere, they’re far apart in terms of features and specifications. Depending on your baby’s age you can go for a pram or a stroller.

A pram is designed in such a way that a baby can sleep or lie in it. The carriage has a flat soft bottom that allows the little one to sleep comfortably as the parent moves around with them. A pram also has a canopy that covers half the carriage attached to it to protect the little one from sun rays. Usually, prams are suitable for carrying newborns.

On the other hand, a stroller is designed in such a way that the baby can sit upright. In British, it’s known as a pushchair. Usually, the seats on a stroller contain a restraint system that helps in securing the position of the sitting infant. Unlike prams, strollers are suitable for infants who have begun to sit already or toddlers.

Structural Differences

In terms of mobility, prams are bulkier and heavier compared to strollers. Therefore, you need to put extra effort to move them around. Additionally, a pram’s carriage seat is higher from the ground compared to a stroller’s seat.

How To Choose A Stroller or Pram For Your Little One

While there are several baby carriages available in the market, a baby’s comfort should be the centre of interest for every parent. You don’t want to get something that will hurt your baby. You can carry your baby along when you go shopping for a pram or a stroller to ensure you get the right size.

When choosing a baby carriage, keep the little one’s weight in mind. Both a pram and stroller have weight limits. Therefore, check the manufacturer’s manual before carrying one home. Additionally, you can go for hybrid strollers and prams, which you can use even when the baby gets older.

Wondering what carriage to get for your little one? Just drop by any bubs store and get something suitable for your little one.