How to Get into a Fit State of Mind

So, you’ve finally decided that you want to get into shape. You really mean it this time. So much so, you decided to get ahold of your leggings – Ryderwear gear so that you can look great while you lift. The only question you have left is this: how do you get into a mindset where you are always ready and willing to push yourself? Living a fit life means more than going to the gym for an hour out of the day. Finding success as a fitness enthusiast requires you to fundamentally change the way that you live your life. If you are ready to find the rhythm that leads you to fitness success, keep on reading.

Creating a Fitness Positive Mindset

There are many different paths to success in the fitness world. Whether you want to lose some weight in order to improve your quality of life or you want to build muscles that would make The Rock blush, there is a path to get there for you. However, any real fitness path is going to be predicated on your ability to stick to your routine while staying strong in both body and mind. So, how do we do this? How do we create such lofty goals while maintaining the motivation to get there?

Discipline > Motivation

The first thing you are going to have to realize is that motivation is temporary, discipline is forever. Motivation means that you ‘feel like’ doing something good for your body in the moment. You are motivated to get out of the bed. You are motivated to get to the gym. However, motivation is fickle. What happens on the day where you DON’T feel like getting up? Well, on those days you rely on your discipline. Discipline is a muscle, like any other, only it exists in your mindset. Once you’ve conquered discipline, you’ve set yourself up for success in any endeavor you approach.

Defeat the Kitchen

You can lift heavier than anyone else that you know but the moment you give up in the kitchen, you lose. Abs are built in the kitchen and the same goes for all your other muscles. If you want to find long-term success as a fitness enthusiast, you need to conquer your eating habits. Knowing what is good for your body is different from acting on that knowledge. Get into the habit of preparing your meals ahead of time, avoid late night binges, and save takeout food for those rare ‘cheat days’.

Accept Your Setbacks

Any journey that you go in in life will be fraught with difficulties. With fitness, those difficulties can end up taking your motivation. Accept the setbacks that you run across, such as skipping the gym or cheating on your food and turn instead to your discipline. Failure is part of progress in the fitness world.

If you want to turn into the next Ronda Rousey or Dwayne Johnson, you are going to have to learn to follow the fitness path. While we all have different goals, we can make those goals more attainable by following the simple guide we highlighted above. Use these tips as motivation to fuel your discipline in the gym!