Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

One of the spaces in many people’s homes that can quickly get messy and unorganized is the bathroom, especially if you live with multiple people who share it. It may seem like a chore to keep this space tidy all the time, but there are organizational tricks you can utilize to make your life a bit easier. Here are a few to try out.

Reign in Clutter on the Counter

Counters can become littered with all sorts of toiletries since this space is directly within reach. If you have a bunch of items belonging to the same category, such as makeup products, you can invest in a stylish organizer to set on your counter that will be both functional and attractive. If you have many items on the counter that belong to different people, try putting them into caddies with labels and storing them inside the cabinet.

Organize Cabinets and Drawers

When storing such items in your cabinets, as mentioned, it can be helpful to use baskets and caddies to keep items from getting lost, sort things into categories or make things easy to find. Similarly, rather than throwing things loosely into your drawers, use small baskets or organizers to keep things in place. For accessories like jewelry, you can make them easier to see by using jewelry drawer dividers. It’s also important to go through your storage and throw out unnecessary or expired products.

Add Storage in the Shower

In many people’s bathrooms, the shower simply doesn’t provide enough space for everyone’s items. Rather than shoving them all into the corners, look for storage solutions that hang off the showerhead or curtain rod. This gives you space for many more products, and caddies that hang off the rod could even be labeled to keep everyone’s separate. To reduce clutter, you should also avoid having too many products in the shower at once and store extras in the cabinets.

If your bathroom is looking haphazard, don’t worry! With these organization tips, you’ll be able to reduce the clutter and keep your space both neat and functional.